Tuesday, December 30, 2008

tuesdays with morrie.

During my time off school I have had a chance to become acquainted with others in the blog world. I have found nothing but amazing stories, none more inspirational than the story of this family:

A few months ago a little girl named Tuesday was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a particularly rampant form of cancer. As it turns out Tuesday is a fighter, despite the fact that she and her twin sister are only two years old. Tuesday has undergone 6 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and dozens of procedures over the last few months and has been handling all obstacles thrown at her. She seemed to be recovering well until her latest scan revealed another tumor. Her family are coping with this tragedy with the utmost positivity and grace and they deserve some love. So, go on over to their page (linked above) and show them some love. This family is in need of good thoughts, positive energy, prayers, luck, ancient indian dancing....whatever you believe in!

To the Next Step wishes Tuesday [and her family] a speedy recovery.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Today has been an absolute whirlwind of last minute christmas shopping!  The malls were absolutely insane and I am vowing to stay away from all shopping centers until 2009.  Christmas is obviously a time when people become stressed and on-edge which makes for great entertainment for those of us who were just at the mall for last minute bits and pieces (my real motivation for going shopping today, if we're being brutally honest).  

Here are some examples of christmas craziness observed today: 

I. Crazy Christmas Scenario in Hot Topic
Obnoxious Teenager - ::holds up shirt::  Which Slayer shirt do you think I should get Mom?

II. Crazy Christmas Text [apparently the madness rubbed off on me]

Jill via Text: Do you have Tremors? (the movie, not the neurological symptom)
Matt: Yes, thanks. 

Apparently Matt is no longer weirded out by me.  sad. 

III. Crazy Christmas Scenario in Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble Employee: Can I help you with something, sir?
Middle Aged Guy: Um...I'm just trying to get something that my sister will like.
B&N Employee: Well, if you tell me about her I bet I could help you find something.
Guy: Oh, that's ok.  She's like Sarah Palin with an attitude.
B&N Employee: [doesn't skip a beat] We have some great books on weaponry and hunting downstairs....

**Jill is laughing her ass off at this point** 
So many things I would say if it were socially acceptable to do so.....
1. Sarah Palin with an attitude? That must have been pleasant to grow up with.
2. Sarah Palin with an attitude?  Here's some arsenic and we can solve this problem right now.
3. Sarah Palin with an attitude?  Isn't there a more concise way to say that, like the antichrist. 

You better believe I'll be back at the mall this time next year.  You can't make this stuff up. 

Merry Christmas, everyone! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a christmas carol.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!  As mentioned in previous posts, I become crazy this time of year!  I am SO that annoying Christmas girl, which is out of sync with the rest of my personality.    

Thanksgiving was wonderful.  Auntie Trudy and the rest of the Guillermo Family were kind enough to invite us over for the big day.  There were lots of people and even more food (including a turkey the size of a dog)!  It was nice to spend time with some family since the rest live to far away (England, NC, etc.).

Sunday we put up our Christmas tree and other decorations; it certainly looks festive in the Whisnant household.  I think Saint Nick might make an early stop out of confusion!

I actually had a day off of work today.  I think this is the first time I have spent an entire day alone in this apartment since we moved in 5 months ago.  I slept late, cleaned up, wrapped some presents, did some Christmas shopping (I heart, got groceries, and cooked dinner (I'm sure Matt will pass out from amazement).  I am pleased to say that I am almost finished with Christmas shopping (again, I heart Amazon **shameless plug**) in record time, might I add.  

Merry Christmas, Everyone.....