Wednesday, October 8, 2008

driving miss daisy.

Ugh. I'm really sick of getting lost here. There are so many construction projects going on and so much traffic, it is nearly impossible get anywhere! My least favorite thing about California is the horrible horrible traffic and the bad bad bad drivers.

This morning, trying to take a shortcut, I managed to get on to the freeway going north instead of south. By the way, San Francisco is to the north and so I ended up getting stuck in traffic for 10 minutes before being able to exit so I could turn around. I finally came to an exit a mile or so down but when I got off the ramp there was nowhere to go!! They had closed down the entrance to the southbound lanes and there were no signs posted prior to me exiting. I was already getting really irritated and since I didn't want to get back on 101 North, I had to drive around some random (sketchy) neightborhood. Yeah, this is what I need at 8am....

Finally, after a small panic attack and asking some random woman for help, I managed to get on the right road. I'm a little shaken up at this point and traffic is terrible. Then, for some reason I DID NOT EXIT AT THE CORRECT ROAD (I'm such an idiot). The exit for my work is the next one down so I guess I had it in my mind to get off there. After touring Redwood City for 15 minutes (by the way, if you want to know what Redwood City is like, go to a crack house and throw a bag of trash everywhere...that's pretty much Redwood city) I managed to get to school.